While technology proceeds to make our lives more convenient, consumers have seen the great benefits of Artificial Technology on how it affects their online shopping experience. In fact, according to Fit Small Business, more than 227 million Americans shop online, and that is steadily increasing.

Statistics show that it might even reach up to 230.5 million by 2021. With new technologies like the Internet of Everything (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the concept of better and faster shopping is possible.

smart shopping with AI services

Easy to Find ProductsSince Retailers are challenged to match smart shopping with AI services. Online sellers who are securing the edge are the one investing behind AI platforms that are designed specifically for retail to give their customers the versatility to surf around their online shop, bringing a highly accurate forecasting model that can help consumers make inventory decisions, pricing decisions, and optimal design promotions which is commended by online shoppers.

It is the online seller’s job to create categories of their products for shoppers to find what they are looking for quickly. Successfully making the online shop easy to navigate will boost up the online shop, and get more customers.

1. Discounts are Still There

One of the common concerns of online consumers is that they worry if discounts are still available, or if online shops have fewer coupons and deals at online stores compared to physical ones.

This is not true, especially if the shop is well-known and preferred by many. There are even designed AIs to help you assess the best deals and coupons available.

You can even avail more discounts online by using coupons. CouponLawn exactly offers that. With the value from the online store you inquired, plus the coupons you get online, you can almost get your products with an up to 50% discount. This benefits both the consumer and the online seller or the company you are purchasing from.

2. No More Aisle to Aisle Shopping

It is a burden for many customers at malls, groceries, or markets to go from one aisle to another, looking for the product they want.

This is one of the many reasons why there is a significant number of consumers that choose to shop online just because of that specific reason. People hate shopping from aisle to aisle because it could be tiring and it consumes a lot of time.

Compared to online shopping, you can quickly go straight to the “categories” section or search the product you want in the search bar. Moreover, in case the product you want is not available, most online shops have a recommended section sorted by their AIs wherein it shows similar products to the one you want that is not available.

3. More Time | AI Technology Elevates Online Shopping

There is no doubt that shopping online saves more time compared to shopping at physical malls or stores in which you have to travel first, find parking, walk around aisles, search for your products, go to different floor levels, etc.

Searching for the products you want online is far more convenient and easy. There are many options to choose from as well, and if you are sceptical about the product you are interested in, you can check the reviews, message the seller, or check the background of the shop.

This saves much more time compared to the hassle you go through in traditional shopping, especially if the AI in the shop you are purchasing at is well-optimized.

4. Fast Delivery of Goods

The reason why many people who prefer to shop at physical establishments is that they can get their products immediately and then take it home. When it comes to online shopping, the delivery will take time, but it will save you from carrying the weight of your products to your home.

Compared when online shopping just began, then delivery for your products is much faster than before, that is because there are designated teams who are assigned for delivery at different distances for the convenience and quicker arrival of the consumers.

Some shops deliver within the day, a few days, and a week, depending on where they shop and your address is located. Nonetheless, with the assistance of AI technology, it will be sorted out for a faster transaction.

5. Live Chat for Fast Accommodation | AI Technology Elevates Online Shopping

It cannot be avoided that there are concerns or questions that customers raise, which is why some websites offer a 24/7 live chat service.

This also helps consumers to understand better the product they are interested in, and this leads to a satisfied customer leaving good feedback to the shop. Furthermore, it has been noticed that consumers much prefer Live chat agents or live chat personnel to assist them in their shopping rather than automated messages from chatbots.

It is essential as well that the Live chat agents must be fast accommodating to assist each user on whichever he or she needs.

Physical store shoppers compare live chat agents to approachable employees since the employees can directly give direction to the product they want and tell more details about it. Live chat agents can do the same, but it is expected it slightly takes more time.