PayPal is the most popular online transaction method that has over 325 million active users in it. Secure and high-end service is the biggest reason behind this massive popularity, if not the only reason. However, the security concerns of PayPal sometimes become a bummer, especially if you’re new to the platform and about PayPal’s Limitations.

One of the most annoying security issues with PayPal is its limitations whenever you break a user policy.

Avoiding those mistakes is the best option to prevent such issues rather than struggling for a limited PayPal fix. Multiple actions are to be avoided from starting using the account to operating it for a transaction.

I was hoping you could stick to the article. I’ll get you through the things you must avoid while you’re opening a PayPal account or already have one.

How to Avoid a PayPal Limitation: 5 Tips

PayPal wants its users to work with them hand to hand and keep the platform clean and do business without any issues. If you want to avoid getting the account limited while using a PayPal account, here are the things you want to do:

1. Don’t have more than one account.

Do not have more that one account - PayPal Limitation

One of the most common reasons why PayPal limits its user’s accounts has multiple accounts for a single person. Don’t do that. Although it takes less than a minute to open a PayPal account, it’s not the same after opening it.

You have to keep your actions transparent with PayPal, and one tab for one person is their policy; know that. If you must use two personal accounts on PayPal, you better use them under different persons’ names.

2. Use correct information

When you’re opening a PayPal account, use only the information you can verify with legal papers. Never use information about you that you cannot stand for; it will endanger your account; today or tomorrow.

If Paypal asks for verifications, you can provide the proof to get your account back if you give only legit info in it.

3. Verify the account

After opening an account on PayPal, you shouldn’t do anything before you verify it; or, PayPal may limit the account. You may be able to do one or two small transactions before verifying the account for sure, but that’s it. Full access with unlimited transactions requires you to have a verified account.

To verify your account, and give in all the information, PayPal asks you to link your bank account. Linking a debit or credit card and the bank account will verify your PayPal, and you’re good to make transactions.

4. Wait for transactions

Verifying the PayPal account isn’t enough to prove that you’re legit on the platform; you must wait for significant transactions. Most new users open an account, start significant transactions without waiting, and end up with limitations.

After opening and verifying the store, you should keep it low while sending money, receiving, or withdrawing. When you spend more time with your account and have smaller transactions, you can gradually go higher.

5. Never use proxies

PayPal doesn’t tolerate IP address fluctuations; if you change devices and locations frequently, PayPal may limit your account. Try to use a single, secure tool to log into your PayPal account, and don’t log in if you’re traveling abroad.

If you have to log into your account while traveling overseas, it’s better to open a temporary travel account under the main account. PayPal will ask about the trip, where you are going, how long you’re going to stay there, and stuff like that.

6. Don’t make huge transactions suddenly.

When you’re using a new PayPal account and start transactions, they keep a keen eye on you. If you shift to huge transactions all of a sudden, PayPal will become suspicious and limit your account.

The same applies if you’re used to working with smaller items and shift to high-end items all of a sudden. The habit of thumb here is to keep it under $2000 so that PayPal doesn’t think you’re here for fraudulent activities.

7. Don’t contact limited accounts.

Accounts that are already limited on PayPal are in grave danger of losing their account forever, and it’s also risky to contact them. If you have another Paypal account that PayPal has limited, don’t keep any contact with that. If you contact a limited PayPal account or send money to that, PayPal may limit your account as well.

8. eBay can be the reason!

eBay and PayPal both are the same company, and PayPal works hand to hand with eBay as a payment solution. If you’re a seller or a buyer on eBay and using PayPal as your payment solution, be careful with the payments.

A wrong move on eBay may cause a limitation on PayPal; it’s true for both buyers and sellers. Too many bad reviews or chargebacks may trigger sellers; so, avoid chargebacks and keep it legit.

9. Don’t become suspicious | Avoid PayPal Limitation

Using PayPal can be both a great experience and the worst if PayPal thinks you’re not trustworthy. It’s all about making your moves legit and giving PayPal no chance to become suspicious about you.

Don’t make sudden massive changes in the account; don’t shift to high-end, high-risk items; take it slow. Make PayPal believe that you’re upgrading or upscaling, not making illegal or fraudulent money.

10. Never sell anything unaccepted. | Avoid PayPal Limitation

If you’re a seller and using PayPal for receiving payments, PayPal monitors the inventory closely. Don’t sell anything that doesn’t go with the accepted user policies or is illegal such as weapons or unprescribed drugs.

You cannot pull money in a charity’s name if you don’t submit the local governance papers for a non-profit organization. The same can happen if you have illegal listings on eBay, and buyers report you for fraud.

Conclusion | Avoid PayPal Limitation

Using PayPal can help you boost your business or make your transactions a lot smoother. When you’re abiding by PayPal’s user policies, you have no issues and are good to go. However, if you break the law or conduct an illegal transaction, PayPal will indeed limit the account and hold the balance.

Follow the tips I’ve shared here to keep out of any such issues on your account, and there will be no issues. Please don’t hold your account undone; verify it, and keep the authorities’ actions legit and unquestionable.