Puush is a rapid and straightforward application that is used to share screenshots easily by using keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop gestures to capture any portion of your display screen easily.

The puush screenshots are instantly pushed, leaving behind a short URL in your copy clipboard, The short URL is perfect for sharing. We can copy and paste the URLs easily into your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media clients.

With the help of the Puush’s screenshot application, we can share the data with the world or make them secure. Making screenshots from your PC display screen is a straightforward procedure.

Puush’s is a desktop application that can easily way of taking screenshots from your computer system and transferring or uploading them online sources. Most screenshots are taken to share them with others all over the Internet.

Puush Easily Take Screenshots

1. Easily & Effectively Take Screenshots

To utilize the Puush’s app, you have to download and install the desktop application and create an account on the puush app by puush login on their website.

The Puush application is as of now running in the background, and you can capture your current window by pressing the keyboard keys likewise [CTRL + Shift + 2], catch your full screen by pressing [CTRL + Shift + 3], or capture an area on the display screen by pressing [CTRL + Shift + U].

All the screen captures are consequently transferred or uploaded and hosted in your Puush’s account, where you can store data up to 200MB worth of documents for free.

2. Puush Pro Account

Puush’s has potential as a desktop application for users who need to take screenshots of their computer system frequently. While the free puush login account is enough for casual users, you can further improve Puush’s app functionality by upgrading to a paid pro account on puush.

3. Puush Mobile Application

Puush For Android is an android app for sharing screenshots instantly. It is a mobile application that allows you to upload photos, screenshots from your mobile device to your Puush’s account.

The Puush’s API Key can be found under the settings at Puush.me account.

Puush For Android App

4. Features of Puush Application

  • Take a screenshot by using keyboard shortcuts keys.
  • Browse, delete uploaded screen captures
  • Upload, Sharing and Hosting new screenshots
  • Automatically uploads a screenshot to your online account.
  • It generates the shortened URL of the last taken screenshots.
  • It can Store up to 200MB of files for free (unlimited for pro account).
  • The maximum file size is 20MB (250MB for pro account)
  • Advertisement free sharing of photos, images, and files
  • It works with Windows OS, macOS (OS X), Android OS, and iOS.

5. Conclusion

Puush services has been running out of since 2014. Puush’s do not have the time to maintain this service while they are financially unable to continue supporting the growth of the online service.

That’s why they decided to disable new user registrations, and the existing users can use the service with any issues or effects.