People Search Engines (or Public Information Search Engines) help find any public information online. This service helps people to find their childhood friends and relatives by just their names. However, a lot of people are still confused about this service.

That’s why we decided to write an article on the essentials of finding someone and to share everything you need to know about it. Today, you will learn What People Search Engines and the best platforms to use them are.

Also, we will share an easy-to-follow guide to using these services. So, let’s start.

1. Public Information Finder

Public Information Finder

Public information Finder is a tool, service, or platform that lets you search for general information online. Usually, this service is offered by online platforms that have a large database of this information. Just like a regular search engine, it shows you the data you are looking for.

The main difference between a people search engine and a regular search engine is that the data provided by people’s search engine is more reliable and accurate than the other.

Also, a people search engine does not provide the related links to find information. Instead, it creates a report by gathering the important information from millions of web pages and makes it easier to find that data.

That is why these services are getting popular these days. Also, they are much more reliable as the information from these platforms can be trusted easily.

2. CocoFinder


CocoFinder is the Google of all the People Search Engines. It allows its visitors to find information about any individual by just a single search. All you need is the first name and the person’s last name to get complete details about them. This tool will search billions of web pages to find this information for you.

As we mentioned earlier, you won’t even need to go through multiple links to find the information. You need to open the final report and find the news from its different sections. For your convenience, the words are divided into three main categories: basic details, educational qualifications, and criminal records.

The application has many other tools such as reverse phone lookup, address lookup, and background search. Luckily, you can use all these features without even registering on the platform. Therefore, you can not find a better application than CocoFinder to find someone online.

3. How to Use CocoFinder?

There’s nothing much to figure out on this platform. All you need is to visit its website and click on the People Search option to start using its services. After that, it asks you to enter the first & last name of the person whose details you need.

There is an optional field where you can add the city or area name of the person. It helps in eliminating all the profiles with similar names and makes the process faster.

Once you beat the search key, it will start searching for the information on its database. After finding the news, it will create a report for you.

Open the report and find the details you were looking for. The process for using other services of this platform is similar to this one. Therefore, you can now use all the benefits of this website without worrying about the complex process.

4. Here are services you can access:

Here are services you can access

Phone Lookup: Opposite Phone Lookup is assistance that allows you to find the owner’s information of a phone number. If you want to find someone and all you know is their phone number, this tool is for you. Select this tool from the homepage and hit the Start Search button after entering the number. It will show all the details of that connection.

Address Lookup: This tool is used to find the public details of an address. It helps do background research on a property before buying or selling it. The address lookup report can give the whole dimensions of the property and the average value of that address. Thus, it is useful too to know about.

Email Lookup: If you want to find someone with an email address, this tool will help you. Enter any email address and find out the owner’s details of that email account. Also, you can find some other information related to that email address.

Background Check: This tool is used by hiring agencies to know whether the candidate has any criminal history or not. You can use it to run a background check on your kid’s tutor, babysitter, and neighbours for your safety.

5. Is It Legal To Use these Tools?

Getting someone’s information feels like an illegal thing. However, you don’t require to bother about it as all the information is available publicly. Thus, you can access this data without facing any legal issues as long as you don’t misuse it.

The privacy of this data is strong, and it is almost impossible to track your activities. However, we recommend going through its privacy policies to learn more about the operating procedures of the platform.

You can also contact its support to learn more about the solution.

Final Words

Finding someone sounds like a lot of work. However, you no longer need to worry about this thing. People Search Engines are providing some easy ways to find anyone with the use of minimum details.

With the above tool, you can find someone by their name, phone number, email address, or even the physical address of their previously owned property. Also, you can use its People Search tool to find anyone directly by their name.

Hence, start your search today and find your long-lost friends and family members.