Why Push Notifications Are Better Than Email For Connecting with Your Customers

This should always be very challenging for the marketing teams to choose the right channel where they can easily reach the maximum audience because catching the attention of your targeted audience has never been so easy for them. That’s why they have been using so many creative ways since the beginning.

Earlier, there were no smartphones available with the people. So they were using the best means available at that time like publishing their brands in the newspapers, putting their ads on big hoardings and broadcasting their advertisement content on television which all means are still available in today’s time.

Here, today the technology has changed a lot which has opened so many doors for marketing experts like SMS marketing as well as Email marketing. But these channels still would not be enough.

Thus, you need to introduce some really creative marketing ideas like sending react native push notifications directly on user’s devices. Although the SMS and Emails are also delivered directly on user’s devices, why would you choose to reach millions of users when you can reach billions.

So here I am going to provide you with some good reasons for why push notifications are better than Emails for connecting with your clients which are given below:

1. The audience has the Power to Subscribe:

In Email marketing, the companies gather the bulk email addresses data. They randomly send their promotional emails to those addresses without knowing the fact that whether their emails are delivered in the primary inbox or they have been sent to the spam box.

Although it is different in the case of react-native push notifications, here, you cannot send these push notifications until and unless the user has subscribed. So when your user subscribed for these automated push notifications from your business application or your webpage, then you also got to know that the particular user is interested in your product.

Further, these automated push notifications can be easily unsubscribed by the user who is contrary in the case of email marketing where usually you can’t unsubscribe for email marketing content very easily.

2. Instant Delivery Mechanism:

Sometimes, you need to deliver some instant updates to your users. So when you choose an email marketing option for delivering your update, then you can’t guarantee whether the users will check their mailbox instantly or not because as a fact many users check their mailbox either once, twice or sometimes three times a day according to their availability.

But in case of react-native push notifications, your chances increase up to 90% because most of the people carry their phones every time with them either in their pockets or in their hands. Therefore still if your phone is in your pocket, you could be easily notified about the update. Moreover sometimes if you are watching a critical video on youtube, you still can see the push notification update on the top of your mobile screen.

3. The Non Transferrable Structure:

This one is significant. Here we all know that sending push notifications became possible only because of the involvement of a third party that is your web browser where the users are searching for their favourite products on related websites.

So whenever the users permit receiving these automated push notifications on their devices, then a unique code is sent to those websites from their devices which the users have subscribed recently.

Now for sending further push notifications, that unique code will be required every time by that company website. This means every user who has subscribed for your automated push notifications on your website belongs to you only.

However, it is different in Email marketing because the same data carrying millions of email addresses are generally purchased and sold by so many companies for fulfilling the same purpose.

4. Maximum Click Through Rate:

If we consider the facts, then there are approximately 200 billion emails, either professional or promotional which are sent daily on user’s email accounts. Now if we talk about the react native push notifications, then exact statistics haven’t arrived yet. Still, it has already been proved that the Click Through Rate (CTR) is comparatively much higher in case of these automated push notifications rather in email marketing.

Because the users have easy access to these notifications as they can directly interact with these push notifications on their devices by remaining on the same page. But for checking emails, they need to jump to their email accounts which many people avoid most of the time. That is why the Click Through Rate (CTR) is comparatively low in the case of promotional emails.


So here you all have it that you were required to know about both mechanisms which are react native push notifications and email marketing systems. So for having the greatest reach and maximum webpage as well as business app engagements, you can easily opt for sending these react-native push notifications on your user’s devices.

This post was last modified on December 15, 2020 3:46 pm

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